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Where To Buy Lottery Tickets and Gift Cards

Wondering Where to Buy Lottery Tickets?

There are many places you can get lottery tickets and gift cards, and there are also many places you can't. The "can't" is why we do and why you can buy lottery tickets at LVS Pharmacy. We know if you know where to buy lottery tickets, it can make your day just that much easier. We also know that if you can purchase them at a convenient location, like ones you already shop at for many items, it only makes it more convenient.


How many times have you forgotten to make that extra stop on the way home? How many times have you been at your local store only to realize they don't sell lottery tickets and that you'll have to make an extra stop? That is why LVS has lottery tickets and scratch-offs. You are why, and making your world a little better is what we strive to do at your local LVS Pharmacy.

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